The weirdest, most fun workouts you can try for free

The Slice: There are so many different ways to workout, but which work and which are gimmicks?

The Challenge: Try as many weird, fun workouts as I could in a week.

Difficulty Level: 3-green-apple

As I type this, I am sore. My legs are sore, my arms or sore. Somehow even my fingers are sore. The reason? I just spent the week trying out as many wacky, out-of the box, fun workouts as I could find in Los Angeles. Also, I tried them all out for free. Here’s a rundown of what I tried, what was fun, and what was straight up cooky.


The Workouts

Pop Physique – The advertising alone for these classes is pretty ridiculous. As I walked into the Los Feliz location there was a sandwich board with the words “Nice Butt.” in graphic black and white on the sidewalk out front. Even their web icon is an image of a tuch. So when I attended a class, I was expecting a serious booty workout. It turns out, these classes are a pretty serious everything workout. The classes focus on micro-pulse movements to tone your arms, legs, abs, and (of course) butt. Seems like the science behind this style of workout holds water. And every tiny movement in the class led to a huge amount of soreness the next day. (Note: I received a free Pop Physique class from a friend – I don’t think they offer a first class free deal)

My sexy, grippy toe socks for Pop Physique.

Silverlake Fencing I tried what I thought would be a less strenuous exercise in order to give my sore limbs a break. That was some serious wishful thinking. Fencing basically involves continuous squatting stance. My behind was still sore from Pop Physique and I could barely hold the postures. That being said, I’m a competitive person and this was right up my alley. I love being able to attack an opponent – especially when I don’t end up flat on my still-sore booty afterwards. (First class is free.)

Sandbox Fitness – Who says playing in the sand is fun? After going to Sandbox Fitness, I certainly don’t anymore. Working out is hard enough, so when I have to jump into a kitty litter box and run around, I’m even less amused. This workout was terrorizing. The worst part undoubtedly was taking off my socks and brushing the sand out from between my toes at the end. While I understand that working out on the sand is a fantastic workout, I think I’ll stick to grass and concrete. If I’m in the sand again soon, I better be building a castle. (First class free.)

TRX – I haven’t mentioned this previously, but I have terrible balance. A strong gust of wind could topple me, even with both feet on the ground. Maybe that’s why I eat so much junk food – to help weigh me down in case of a hurricane. I learned this week that TRX has a lot to do with balance. Raise your hand if you like burpies (If your hand is raised, we probably wouldn’t be very good friends). At the TRX class I attended, we had to do burpies while balancing with one foot in the cradle. Let’s just say that in this class, I finally ended up flat on my still-sore (how is this even possible?!) booty. Other than my lack of grace, the class was pretty fun and a great balance of muscle conditioning and cardio. (Note: I took this class for free at the USC gym. There are a few places around town that offer a free class. 24 Hour Fitness will give you a 3 day pass.)


Trying some of these wacko workouts is a great way to mix up your routine and challenge yourself to try something new. And it’s made even better when they are free! But I don’t think it’s necessary to try all all of them in one week. Unless you like having trouble walking up stairs.

For more crazy and (best of all) free workouts in LA, check out this list, or this one, or these amazing outdoor spots right in your backyard.

Julia Hubner is YDA’s body contributor. It turns out she likes wearing rubber-soled toe socks during her workout routines.

3 responses to “The weirdest, most fun workouts you can try for free”

  1. Hi Julia,

    Love this post. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried Class Pass, but this is right up their alley. I’m also a big fan of TRX, and I think you hit the nail on the head pointing out how balance-focused TRX is. I take that class with Brian too, and it’s a doozy. Beyond all of the actual insights you provided, I really like the way you formatted your blog. Everything was compartmentalized and bite-sized–it made reading the post fun and fast.


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