About Your Daily Apple

Your Daily Apple is a blog written by four women who, over the years, have struggled to achieve certain life goals.  This blog is our collective mission to inspire each other, as well as our future readers, to build healthy habits through taking on small challenges.  If we can do it, so can you!

Your Daily Apple Contributors

angelaAngela, the mind

Sometimes, I feel like a fraud. See those glasses on my face? My eye doctor says I have perfect vision. I don’t need glasses. However, how do I explain that I feel like I look most like my true self when I have those glasses on?  I don’t hope for poor vision. What I do hope for is to make that first impression of someone who is smart. [Read More…]


juliaJulia, the body

I was always kind of a chubby kid. Not seriously overweight, I just always had a few extra pounds to toss around. I wasn’t super active as a kid either – I took self defense in high school because it meant I didn’t have to run the mile. And candy was my kryptonite – I would steal quarters from my parents to buy Little Debbie Nutty Bars and…
[Read More…]


kathleenKathleen, the soul

My name is Kathleen Bryson, I’m 28 years old, and if I brought my own bags to the grocery store, it was definitely a lucky accident.

Ready for more?

I also drive an SUV, rarely take public transportation, [Read More…]

andreaAndrea, the money

Ahhh, payday. We all know that feeling when direct deposit finally hits our bank accounts (elation!) just to see it all vanish away in bills (despair). Or is that just me?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a total financial disaster. My bills get paid, and my credit score is good. I have… [Read More…]

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