It all started because…

Your Daily Apple started as a group project in a Master’s course in communication management in 2016. Our team of four decided to create a blog and social media presence focusing on self-improvement and wellness by hopping on the challenge culture that was just starting to get really popular (remember the bucket challenge?).

We focused on four categories and each of us took the lead on each of them, which were body, mind, finance, and community. The “body” category focused on physical fitness and nutrition while the “mind” category focused on knowledge and the pursuits of mental well-being. The “finance” category focused on financial literacy and the “community” category featured challenges and stories of creating overall good environmental habits to lessen our carbon footprint and doing good for our surrounding communities.. 

We wrote some very engaging blog posts and did very well in the class. Our professor encouraged us to continue our efforts and if we kept at it, we would probably see some success. At the time, none of us were in much of a capacity to take on this side hustle, so we let the website/blog die. 

I decided to keep the domain though, and six years later, here we are.

The theme and essence is still the same. This blog will hopefully contain some helpful information to help you build healthier habits to improve your body, mind, and soul. Instead of a challenge format though, it will be more tip-based integrated with personal stories.

About Anju

Hi, I’m Anju. I am one of the original team members of this project and now the mastermind behind it all. After sitting on this website for so many years, I felt like it was time to revamp it and pick up the reins on my own and see where I can take this original concept.

While the pandemic has been rough on many people, it has taken a toll on me as well. This last year was an even bigger challenge for me mentally and physically. Writing has always been an outlet for me during times of distress, so I wanted to start writing again, but this time, making sure I share my thoughts in a more constructive and meaningful way to be more helpful to those striving to improve themselves as well.

Instead of wallowing and stewing in all the negative things going on in my life, it would be more beneficial  for me to use that energy to create a space that may end up helping someone else who may be feeling the same way. Making lemonade out of lemons, as they say. 

I hope those who stumble upon this blog find some value and are able to get a dose of good to influence them to achieve their goals and find some peace and happiness along the way. By consistently posting, I hope to find like-minded individuals to help me build this community so I too can stay motivated and focused on making improvements in my own life.

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