Sometimes, I feel like a fraud. See those glasses on my face? My eye doctor says I have perfect vision. I don’t need glasses. However, how do I explain that I feel like I look most like my true self when I have those glasses on?  I don’t hope for poor vision. What I do hope for is to make that first impression of someone who is smart. My glasses are almost magical. I feel like I gain 10 IQ points just putting them on. I would wear them all of the time if they didn’t start to get uncomfortable and in the way.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a complete fraud. I know it takes more than glasses to be perceived as smart, so I am constantly challenging myself to be better informed and to think rationally. Knowledge truly is power and I feel like there is a certain segment in our society where intelligence and the pursuit of rationality isn’t as valued as much as it should. It is easy to mindlessly binge watch meaningless shows about celebrities who became famous for doing nothing but being outrageous. It is also easy to mindlessly binge shop shoes online. It is also really easy to spend a bit too much time primping and obsessing over outward appearances.

I am not saying there is no value in doing any of those things. I am guilty of many of those things. With Your Daily Apple challenges, I hope to spend less time being mindless and more time being mindful of my habits.  Maybe one day, I will stop relying on those glasses to make me look smart and can exude intelligence confidently without them. I’ll be taking over your minds on Mondays with hopefully some thought-provoking challenges that will help us all be just a bit more knowledgeable.

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