kathleenMy name is Kathleen Bryson, I’m 28 years old, and if I brought my own bags to the grocery store, it was definitely a lucky accident.

Ready for more?

I also drive an SUV, rarely take public transportation, sometimes waste food, sometimes take 15–alright 20–minute showers, and sometimes throw recyclables away in the trash can if there is no recycling receptacle nearby.

I know that all must sound terrible to all the Green Goddesses out there reading this.  However, I’m hoping that rather than lose total credibility with these confessions, maybe I’ve actually garnered at least a little respect or intrigue from others out there guilty of some of these same indulgences.  

I’m not a terrible person.  I’m well aware that, over the years in my everyday race for efficiency, I’ve picked up patterns of neglect that are negatively affecting both the environment and my community.  

However, Your Daily Apple is my sincere attempt to change this! Each week I will be attempting small challenges to contribute to the environment and community for which I have shirked duties in the past.  Along the way I will be reporting on my progress.  Eventually, I hope my mission to “turn over a new leaf,” can be a source of entertainment, encouragement, and motivation for others like me to do the same.

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